Survive and thrive after trauma

Survive and Thrive after Trauma – a leap of faith

I hope to be asked many questions around ‘Survive and Thrive after Trauma’.

  1. Was it cathartic?
  2. What possessed me to write so frankly?
  3. How do I feel now it is published?
A leap of faith
A leap of faith

I asked friends to chuck difficult questions at me so I may be half prepared to give a decent answer. But all answers must come from the heart: my reaction on the day to a question asked, not a glib and practised answer. We react differently on different days to challenges and this book is about difficult emotional challenges. Here are today’s answers for my lessons learned, so far. 🙂

During my first edit I realised my main message was to encourage those hanging on to their trauma to just let it go and move on. Excellent advice if I may say so! Then why was I procrastinating over a date for my wedding.  Actually I had vowed never to entertain marriage again. No thank you. I will keep myself safe, not open to potential hurt. Fear. I was frightened to consider releasing myself to the minefield that is marriage  (and I do know it is not one of  life’s requirements to marry). In my case I was keeping myself safe, blocked, secure, exactly what I was suggesting to readers they should consider stepping beyond. So I am marrying. I feel happier and excited; not safe, secure and allowing fear to dominate. Fear ruins many a good plan or pleasure.

Why so frank?

My story I think I can appreciate, is quite strong. I wrote it as it was and that is that. And I wrote it to perhaps gain trust in a reader who has experienced harsh deliveries from life. I could worry about not being able to brush some facts under the carpet, many do so why not me? The answer is my story gives me credibility when I say I can help people move beyond their fear, stress or anxiety. I am not unique.  I have only written about aspects of a very difficult time in my life: how I hope I have dealt with the more negative, difficult to shift beliefs around  anger and a possible  lack of forgiveness.  My interviewees and I share resources and lessons learned. The stuff we offer which worked and therefore may help others.

Now it’s published…. I feel quite amazed and disbelieving that I have published a book.  Please read a review  published by Dawn Gracie in the Chichester Observer  We Brits have to stop hiding our bright light! I am pleased and know I have written something which has helped me ( I’m surprised at that but there are none so blind as those who will not see) and has the potential to help many others take the baby steps to a more confident and brighter future.

I have further resources at Hampshire-EFT and The Real Confidence Guide

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