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I’m ready for Me!

I am an EFT and Matrix ReImprinting Practitioner and a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach. I help you regain and strengthen confidence and self-belief so that you can tackle and enjoy life and all you wish to do.
I work mainly with women who may suffer from overwhelm, lack of fulfilment or a basic lack of self-esteem, with a dollop of self sabotage thrown into the mix.   I help you to feel confident and positive again.
I guide a client to find out why and where a limiting self-belief has established itself.

No more

  • I can’t do that because
  • I won’t do that because
  • I’m too nervous to do that because

The ‘because’ is key!  Join me to explore the because

I was a primary teacher since the 1970’s.  The days when teaching was a little more spontaneous and enjoyable than it is today (my opinion).

I have Level 3 Counselling skills and I am also a Reiki practitioner.

My websites are

I am the mother of 2 grown up children.

I have a great sense of humour, but sometimes can appear quite serious. Life has knocked me about a bit.  I remarried in 2013.  I finally allowed myself to move on.  I did it in bold steps in the beginning, held back from the big marriage commitment decision, but am delighted I made that choice. The choice to opening myself up to life, no more keeping myself  in that little notion of safety.

I offer Talks and Workshops. Life can be good, dreams can be fulfilled and confidence can allow many good things to happen. We all have a choice. We can choose to move on…..

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