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Anger. A resource from Survive and Thrive after Trauma

Survive and thrive after trauma.
Survive and thrive after trauma.

What is anger? It is suggested that real anger is an addiction. People need a fix of anger in the same way that others need a fix of alcohol, drugs or caffeine.
A more general explanation of anger is that it is a ‘mask’ for fear, emotional pain or emotional hurt. Ponder over that should you consider you have an anger trigger.
I used to have feelings of anger and can relate to the mask explanation.
I rarely become angry. It is so debilitating. As quickly as possible I quieten myself. If necessary I will ‘tap’. I detest the feeling of not caring what happens next and being potentially out of control. No one will benefit. Least of all me. I cannot function properly when angry. Who can? There is no excuse for any behaviour resulting from a fit of anger.
I could labour this but to me the explanation given covers all bases.
Questions :
What makes you angry?
Does it really make you angry or is it fear, hurt or pain that you feel?
If you are angry, do you need fixes of anger to keep you going?
Clean questions: Does your anger have a shape or form? Is there anything else about that anger?