Home Study Programme- Recharge Your POWER

To find details of  Recharge your POWER please go to my sister site  Hampshire-EFT

Recharge your POWER is a Home Study programme of self-discovery;  a place where soul searching and private investigation uncovers valuable insight to the next part of your journey.
It is guided, comprehensive and self-empowering. The Pilot study has been very well received.
I offer a personal telephone call, email support EFT Tapping videos, MP3s and a private Facebook group.

This programme- I like it a lot! (L.H.)

Thank you Susan- I was very ready for this and have great faith in my plans; slow and steady is the way to go for me (J.S.)

You suggested the EFT videos at just the correct time- I felt you were guiding only me- Thank you (A.L.)