writing my book

Day One and other days- writing my book

My view when writing
Up bright and early and sitting in my beautiful ‘long room’ ready for this experience that I never thought in a million years I would do.

Too lazy, not able to do it (not good enough) no-one will read it- heck you name it. ‘Yes I have a book but don’t know when it will be written’    Well it’s being done now.

Some days later — self doubt tried to creep in- I booted it out.

Managed to get it ‘out of my head’ and into type form within a month.  However I also managed to trap a nerve in my elbow, my right elbow!  I am right handed.

Now in the middle of my 1st editing  (would love to think I can do it with one redrafting/editing  🙂


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