Survive and thrive after trauma.

I understand Maureen Greaves words completely. I have had to work on forgiveness. It does not come naturally but I intuitively knew that if I was unforgiving and angry I was only damaging myself.I quote Nelson Mandela in my book ‘Survive and Thrive after Trauma’ ‘It’s like taking poison and expecting someone else to suffer’. Continue reading

Survive and Thrive after Trauma

Hello  from Susan Cowe, Rowlands Castle,  Hampshire, UK.   I have just published my first book Survive and Thrive after Trauma. The book I NEVER dreamt I would write.
I work in Emotional and Energy Healing. My therapy work is based on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)  and Matrix Reimprinting.
The book describes how my married life was steamrollered by my husband’s alcohol dependency, divorce papers and death. Continue reading