Procrastination self sabotage

Say No to Self-Sabotage.

Survive and thriveSelf-sabotage and procrastination. Now that my book ‘Survive and thrive after trauma’ is with the copy editor,I must practice what I preach.No space can be made for these super strong rascals to upset my plans.
There are no previous blogs here because I have been a little busy with all the editing! Amazing how long that takes.
I have EFT/Matrix related blogs which can be found at Hampshire-EFT and The Real Confidence Guide .
I have enjoyed the last few months and now I must practice what I preach. I must not allow self-sabotage to thunder in and stop the next process. The process where I ask people to endorse me: To have them look at my work and decide whether I am a safe bet or not. Then I must market: get right out there and promote the book.
I have much to do.
It was easy writing and editing because I was working alone and in control of all I chose to do.Now I am still working alone but reliant on others. Others who have control over aspects of my work which may or may not please me.
A whole new part of the experience.
I must now make contact with those who may help me and that means absolutely no procrastinating.
(This is not a plea, but an observation of what I have to do next!)

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