Survive and Thrive after Trauma: Chichester Observer review.

Chichester cathedralPlease read the short review.

It was such a relief when Survive and Thrive after Trauma was completed, published and out! I had set myself a target: content finished and printed by the end of January. I almost made it, two weeks late. I wanted adequate time to enjoy the plans for my wedding in May.This book was never going to be a labour of love but it had to be written correctly. I started end July 2012 and finished mid February. I worked my socks off.  The laugh was I had finished the first draft after one month of writing and had ceremoniously laid down my pen. I thought  ‘quick and easy,  job done girl!’  Ah naivety is wonderful. The  hard work then started. But I do feel a remarkable feeling of achievement and it is quite amazing. When I mentioned to Dawn Gracie at our Chichester Mumpreneurs  networking meeting last month, should she ever be stuck for news for her column in the Chichester Observer, then perhaps she would consider my book. At the meetings I felt I had been boring people for months when I would cram into my one minute networking slot.  I’m writing a book called ‘Survive and Thrive after Trauma’ it’s a page turner, autobiographical around  alcohol, divorce, death, resources for emotional healing and interviews with those now thriving!’ I did wonder if anyone would be interested in reading my book. I work by helping people to overcome negative beliefs and to regain confidence. Most of us have some form of issue with ‘I’m not good enough’ and fortunately many of us treat that thought with as much contempt as we can muster. So I say that I am feeling quite pleased with comments from friends, family and those now reading . If you have an opportunity to feel good about yourself, make certain that you do.   Feel Good! Be proud.