Emotional distress

Emotional distress and its link to physical pain and disease

Hello from Rowlands Castle, Hampshire, UK.   Life often is fairly full on for many of us. I cram far too much into my days and eventually my body reminds me to slow down.  When training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) one of the facts I learned surprised me.

90 -95% of our physical pain and disease is a result of emotional pain held in the body.

That is huge. I believe some of us do not appreciate that negative beliefs, unpleasant memories and emotions can cause such damage.  However we can choose to rid ourselves of those thoughts and feelings. But it can be difficult to let go of emotional baggage.  I wonder if you lovely Australians with your laid back attitude and lifestyle perhaps find it easier. Or is that just a misconception some Poms have? I am Scottish so please do not include me with such a generalisation :-).  So many beliefs can get us into all sorts of trouble.

Working with EFT based therapy I help re-ignite  real confidence from within; the confidence which may have been battered and bashed around a bit.   I will soon be studying Meta Medicine: healing the physical body by resolving past emotional trauma. Life can set us some difficult challenges,however we can learn from them and move on. If we recognise a need to rest, change an action or take time out to smell the roses, just think of the benefits: we are open to the more pleasant things life has to offer.

When I become stressed I enjoy spending time working in my garden.                                                                                                                     Another interesting fact to consider which unconsciously promotes less stress and negative behaviour is

If one person smiles, is kinder or just helpful to someone else that feeling and intention is passed on naturally to countless others.

I have just published my first book, partly autobiographical Survive and Thrive after Trauma.  I work strongly on gut feel with most things. When I started googling  input for my book I wanted to recommend blog  items from others. Michelle was my first hit and I stuck with it. I liked her relaxed, straight forward style.

So in July last year I realised  I had to write this book.  I had experience and lessons learned which I  believe can benefit many.  I discuss the addictive destruction of alcohol and smoking which was fundamentally responsible for my husband’s death and I chronicle the breakdown of married life. I share resources to aid emotional healing and positive messages from interviewees now thriving after a variety of emotional trauma.

My background is in primary teaching.  I have 2 ‘big’ children and I am getting married in May! My son recently spent two years in Tasmania and Australia. Herb and I leapt at the opportunity to visit and we really enjoyed our time in your country. My daughter visits in September for a year.  She has become friendly with a young Australian: this is an added attraction I expect. It may be my excuse for another visit!

Susan Cowe- Hampshire-EFT

Click to listen to or to read the introduction to  Survive and thrive after Trauma.

The book is for sale on Amazon and on my website.